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A little bit about me…..well, my name is Nena, and I co-own a company called Lower Deck Productions….hence the blog name, “Lower Deck Nena”. My business partner DJ E.M. , is also my best friend and my absolute favorite DJ. It really comes in handy having a DJ as your business partner & best friend, because I will never have to pay for music ever again…he can just download it, add it to one of his mixes, and I’m good to go.

Lower Deck Productions does events coordination for Nightclubs, Lounges, & Boat Parties. Obviously, being that my partner is a DJ, we also handle his bookings…..and now that I’m in school…..we’ll be adding web design to our Productions package.

Since I’m a girl who is obessesed with sports…to the point where I do not accept people calling me when the Giants are playing…I naturally had to add Sports to my blog. Seriously….if the Giants are on…and you call me….I may possibly delete you from my phonebook…it’s just unacceptable!


Posted March 14, 2011 by lowerdecknena

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